Working Together

Our Approach

The Power of Direct Mail

There are may business approaches or philosophies that drive successful interactions between clientele and service providers. Only one works best. Provide a product or service that has greater value than its cash equivalent.  It is our expectation the value of any service Prestige provides will always outweigh its cost.

Our Story

Every business has a beginning, a middle, and an end. Our humble beginning is the same as many other companies in any field. There is an idea of a service or product that will benefit others profoundly that it is of great value. Prestige, a direct mail and marketing service provides such a benefit.

Meet the Team

Below are Prestige's dedicated team. Each with a specialized skill that brings your direct marketing and mailing projects to life.

Dave Williams

Dave Williams

Founder & Director of Production

Dave Williams is a 30 year veteran in direct mail and production management.  His unique style of management keeps all projects running on time and on schedule.

Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams

Co-Founder and Director of Technical Services

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Wendy Williams is a lead in the field for the technical aspects of Printing, Direct Mail and navigating the ever-evolving dynamics of the USPS. As a Certified Direct Mail Professional, she is well versed in the necessary regulations to ensure each mailing piece reaches its intended audience

Roxanne Fisher

Roxanne Fisher

Manager of Data Processing and Graphic Design

Growing up in the Direct Mail Industry as given Roxanne a unique edge in her field.  Her ever-growing knowledge of direct mail design and evolving postal regulations ensures all mailing projects are mailing using the new Full Service and Informed Delivery options available through the USPS.

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Andrea Williams

Office Manager and Accounting Department Manager

Every powerful company needs an effective support system.  Andrea's skills support the team and she monitors the flow of energy, keeping vendors happy and ensuring the company is well supplied with all that is needed to get jobs done.

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