Improving Your Connetions

Data Processing that increases your ROI

First, Front and Center, a clean mailing list is the most important focus of any direct mail or marketing effort. 12% of a mailing list changes every year. 1.9 million people will move this year. If you have a mailing list of 1000 individuals, 120 will have moved. The post office will only forward for 12 months. is only

Before design concepts or type of mailing, the target must be defined and ready. Have your list verified and NCOA processed as part of your beginning steps.  When in need of a mailing list, use our expertise to make sure your list is properly targeted and of high quality.

Making an Impression

Personal and Customized Variable Digital Imaging

In the new age of direct marketing, the quick and high-quality nature of digital imaging in leading the race. For smaller targeted and personalized mailings.

Connect with prospects with a personalized look that catches attention.

Our variable data printing can add customization to each and every one of your marketing mailers for a personable approach to each recipient. Create the most powerful and compelling direct mail campaign that speaks to each individual on a personal basis.

Reaching Your Prospect

Full-Service Direct Mail and Informed Delivery Create Visibility

In today’s virtual world, direct mail still maintains the forerunner as part of a marketing strategy. Direct mail is tangible as it arrives in the hands of potential clients and buyers. With the advent of informed delivery, each mailpiece can be used in conjunction with internet marketing. Each added connection enhances your impact and brand awareness as it communicates a message more effectively.

Each time your message is viewed, it increases the ROI for your marketing campaign as it boosts response rates and brand awareness.


It makes sense and it saves cents

Welcome to the 40/40/20 rule of direct mail. This rule dictates that the success and eventual ROI of your direct mail marketing efforts are going to be dependent upon three factors – 40% of your success will come from how effective your mailing list is, another 40% will depend on how compelling your offer is, and the remaining 20% will come from everything else.

Making Every Door Direct Mail® Work for YOU

Although EDDM® (Every Door Direct Mail®) has gained popularity, this service is better for some companies than others. Certain businesses benefit from EDDM®. The service is designed to help marketers reach every home or home and business in any town. Using the mapping tools provided by the USPS®, you can target prospects in specific delivery areas. When selecting your target audience, there is a choice of mailing to residents only or residents and businesses. Unfortunately, there is not a choice to mail to only companies. If you know where your audience lives, the Postal Wizards can easily find out how many prospects are in the area. Call the Postal Wizards at 631-892-4185.

Is EDDM® suitable for your company?

Can your business appeal to a broad spectrum of individuals? When mailing to a neighborhood, there will be a wide variety of people. Your marketing mailing piece will go to everyone in the area you select. A few types of businesses with broad appeal are dry cleaners, restaurants, general stores, delis, lawyers, and other small and retail businesses in local neighborhoods.

There's a lot of space for your message when mailing using EDDM®.

One of the benefits of EDDM® is all the space on the mailer is available for a compelling message, coupons, and offers that can drum up interest in your business. The size can range from 6.5 x 9 to 12 x 15. There only needs to be enough room to fit the Postal Customer info and the postal permit. However, the position of this information is specific. This benefit means you get to use almost all of the available space on the entire mailing piece. The Postal Wizards designers can help capture your message once you decide which size you would like to mail.

The best marketing strategy is one with the best low cost to no cost.

Another benefit to mailing an Every Door Direct Mailing campaign is that there is no expense in purchasing a mailing list that you only get to use once. The United States Postal Service constantly updates the EDDM® information with new neighborhood address statistics. This information is completely FREE.
The best benefit of mailing using the EDDM® service option is that the postage can be as low as 16.4 cents. That is the cheapest postage available to companies that are not Non-Profit Organizations.

With the Postal Wizards' help, you can navigate through all the steps in realizing the tremendous benefits of mailing using Every Door Direct Mail®.

The Next and Easiest Step...

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